Aloha and welcome to
Molokai...Made in Hawaii!

We feature products made exclusively on the friendly isle of Moloka'i, Hawaii. Local people, local pride is what Molokai, Made in Hawaii is all about. On Molokai, local people are living their dreams while providing a service to consumers on and off island. Enjoy the quality and creativity these unique businesses bring to Molokai's economy

Who we are

The Molokai, Made in Hawaii council is a committee of The Molokai Chamber of Commerce with over 50 members working together to increase awareness of our locally made products. Our trademarked "Molokai, Made in Hawaii" seal is a sign to the consumer of a product's local Molokai origin and that at least 51% of the value added to the product was done and/or made on Molokai. The idea is that Molokai made products have local people behind them. "Local people, Local pride!" It's an emphasis on these products as part of a new economy, beyond tourism.

The 50+ business members already include, growers, artisans, crafters, photographers and musicians.

The seal of the Council is only one of the services provided for members. Every November, the Molokai Food & Business Expo provides a venue allowing businesses of all sizes to participate and showcase their "Molokai, Made in Hawaii" products.

The goal of this program is to increase awareness of these products and grow market shares outside Hawaii.

Annual membership in the Molokai, Made in Hawaii council is available for a small additional fee to any qualified member of The Molokai Chamber of Commerce.

For more information on Trade Council programs and membership, call the Chamber of Commerce at 808-553-4482.